About Sole Studios

Sole Studios is a very unique place in Northampton and not just another corporate studio space. It once was an old shoe factory, and with its natural brick walls, honey coloured floors and beams, it still retains much of its original character.

"The idea for Sole Studios was born when I decided to move from London several years ago. It was always my ambition and vision to have a home where I could also share and evolve, video, music and artistic creativity," says the owner Kevin Stoney.

Sole Studios has proved to be a very flexible relaxed environment where creative ideas can abound and flourish. In fact, musicians, photographers, film and video production companies who have hired the facility, say it's hard to leave and go home!

Kevin Stoney

Kevin Stoney (the proprietor of Sole Studios), is a Film Maker, Film Composer and Recording Engineer / Producer with wide experience of the film and music industry.

He has worked in various areas of film production and also has a list of video commissions as a film maker. His musical expertise and sensitivity to the subject matter on many award-winning programmes, has also earned him respect as a film composer and producer. Well established Directors and Producers in the film and television industry feature in his client list. Composer of over 100 programmes for television and film for BBC, ITV, C4, Corporate Videos, Video Publishing and the Internet. Worked with audio-visual media consisting of theatre and dance. Production of narration CDs and audio productions.

Kevin Stoney Credit List of Broadcast Music


Everyman Theme Series BBC
Summit Fever - Encounters - Doc. Ch4
View To A Kill - Network First - Doc. ITV Network
Same Game, Different Rules - Award Winning Doc. Ch4
The Killing Seas-Cutting Edge - Doc. Ch4
Think Tank - Theme Series BBC
The Big If - Theme Ch4
The Longest Hatred - Doc. Series ITV Network
British Cinema, A Personal View - Doc. Series ITV Network
Lost Paradise-Encounters - Doc. Ch4
Simon's Triumph-Qed - Doc. BBC
Breaking The Silence-Qed - Doc. BBC
Taking On The World - Doc. Ch4
Ratcatchers-Inside Story - Doc. BBC
Save A Life Series Ch4
24 Hours To Tuzla-Everyman - Doc. BBC
Talking To Angels-Travels With My Camera - Doc. Ch4
Voyage Of The Plagic - Doc. Discovery Channel
Manrique - Doc. BBC

Children's Television

Hububb - Children's Series BBC
Habitats Series Schools - Ch4
Tales From Fat Tulip's Garden - Award Winning Children's Series ITV
Owl TV - Children's Series ITV Network
Happy Birthday Theme Children's Series - BBC
Jellyneck - Children's Series ITV Network
Gumtree - Children's Series Ch4
Revolting Animals - Children's Series ITV Network
You And Me - Schools BBC

Corporate Videos

Alliance & Leicester - Aspect
BT - Aspect
Vauxhall Vectra - Spectrum
Nortel Magellan - Artec
Loral Merlin - Spectrum
Sainsbury's CTN
Nat. West - World Wide Productions
IBM Telecom - Chrysalis Television
Taking The Plunge - CSV Media
Who Saves Wins - Blackrod
Manpower - Blackrod

Video Publishing

Keep fit With Mr. Motivator - Captain Panic for Weight Watchers
Second Hand Cars With Eric Idle - Lifetime For Loot
Michaela's Stamp Channel - Lifetime For Royal Mail
Boxing Greats - Virgin Video
Y-Plan Aerobics - Virgin Video
Eastern Cooking With Pru Leith - Lifetime For Sharwoods
Italian Cooking With Pru Leith - Lifetime For Sharwoods
The New You Makeover - Lifetime For Woman Magazine
Laurel And Hardy Rare Footage - Virgin Video
Concept Cars - Virgin Video

Feature and Concept CD Music

Melody is her 2nd Name
Spirit of Pinewood
Dr. Voice

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