Studio Hire and Audio Production

Sole Studios has two spaces for music and audio production. Studio One is a large open space suitable for video, live recordings and mulitple instuments. The studio includes the use of a baby grand piano and moveable accoustic treatments.

Studio Two is a dedicated music and audio space with isolated control and live rooms. Ideal for drum tracking, voice over, over dubbing and mixing.

Our audio and music studios are available for hire by the half day, day or longer depending on the needs of your project. To get started call Kevin Stoney on 07855 898130 Now.

Video, Audio and Music Studios

Studio One

Musicians recording at Sole Studios Musicians recording in Studio One - Sole Studios Musicians Recording in Studio One - Sole Studios Recording music in Studio One - Sole Studios


Studio Two

Sole Studios, Studio Two - Live Room Sole Studios - Studio Two - Drum Tracking Sole Studios, Studio Two - Control Room Sole Studios - Studio Two - Voice Over

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